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The best 3 makeup brushe cleansers - 2020

Are you washing your makeup brushes on a regular basis? (free hint: you should). Yeah, I know... It's not the most fun thing to do... But this chore is one you don't want to skip. 

Why is it so important to clean makeup brushes?

Let me give you 5 reasons why you should clean your makeup brushes: 

  1. Cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis will prevent bacteria and germs build up on the brushes, which later might get on your face and in to your makeup products.
  2. Clean brushes perform better! Clean fibers will grip and blend any product better, just like they were originally designed for. 
  3. Well Cared for brushes will last and serve you for years (As long as they are high quality, of cours). 
  4. If you are a working makeup artist, you can't apply makeup on your client's skin with dirty brushes - that's one big no-no. Not only it looks bad and unprofessional, what's worse is, that you can cause an infections on your client's skin and eyes. 
  5. Clean brushes are simply more fun!


How Often should I wash my makeup brushes? 

If you are a working makeup artist you must wash your brushes after every single makeup gig. Otherwise, washing your brushes once a week is enough.

Which brush cleanser should I use?

If you need to switch brushes during a makeup gig, whether you want to use the same brush to apply deferent colours, or you need to use the same brush on 2 deferent clients, you need a cleanser that is disinfecting and fast drying. A cleanser like this is the Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner, which is a liquid cleanser that gets a lot of love from makeup artists around the world. All you need to do with these types of cleansers, is dipping the brush in the liquid, and wipe clean on an absorbent cloth or a paper towel. 

But when you are done working, and need a really good wash, you will need a cleanser that will sanitise your brushes, but also - keep them nice and soft, and also very important - you'll need a cleanser  that is washed off easily without leaving soap residues on the brush's fibres. 

These were my guide lines for choosing my favourite brush cleansers. I have tried so many by now, and these three simply perform the best! 

Are you ready to get to know them?

Best brush cleansers 1:

BeautyBlender Solid cleanser

best makeup brushes cleanser - beauty blender solid

The original blendercleanser® solid cleanser by BeautyBlender is my all time favourite, because it's doing an amazing job with cleaning brushes and delicate sponges as well. 

It sanitises the brushes and sponges, taking away most of the germs, leaving the brushes and sponges clean, soft to the touch, and with a delicate lavender scent. 

This cleanser washes off super quickly and is just very convenient to use. 

It also comes with a small cleaning mat, to help you remove stubborn dirt off the brushes' bristles. 


Best brush cleansers 2:

Denco, Solid Brush Cleaner with Charcoal & Aloe Vera

Best brush cleansers, Denco solid

If you are looking for a more affordable option, which isn't any less amazing, you should try the Denco solid cleanse with Charcoal and Aloe Vera. I truly feel that this one performs just the same - cleanse very well, washes off very easily and leaves the brushes with a delicate smell of cleanness :) 

The Charcoal in it will absorb the germs and sanitise the brushes or sponges, and the aloe vera will soften the brushes' fibres. 

Like the BeautyBlender's Solid, this one also comes with a mini cleaning mat. 


Best brush cleansers 3:

Sigma Beauty, SIGMAGIC™ Scrub

Like with most of their product, you can relay on Sigma Beauty to bring you something cool and innovative. They will look at what already exists in the market, and will think of how to make it better. Their SIGMAGIC™ Scrub cleanser is just one example for it.

Best brush cleansers - sigmagic scrub solid soap sigma beauty

The SIGMAGIC™ scrub is a solid cleanser and a cleaning mat in one product: The soap, before getting solidified, was poured into a mold of silicon- with silicone cleaning fibres. So that it looks as if the cleansing silicons mat is peaking through the soap. It's a really cool quick cleanse, which saves you the need of another cleaning mat. 

This one also has 3 small silicons cups which can be attached to the sink, preventing your soap and mat from moving around. Geniuse! 

The only downside to this soap is that you can't clean your sponges with it because of the silicon texture. But if all you need is a brush cleaning soap- you should definitely give this one a chance! 

These were my 3 favourite brush cleansing soaps. I do prefer them over liquid soaps, because I feel that they last longer and clean better. 

Have you tried and of them? Do you have any other rcomendations! let me know!


After cleaning your brushes - where do you put them to dry?
It will make your whole brush cleansing process so much more convenient
You will be AMAZED! 



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