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J.Cat Fantasy Dreamland Eyeshadow Palette Review- Is it any good?

Posted on October 23 2020

As a makeup artist and a beauty blogger I really enjoy trying new makeup products, especially if they have something special and different about them. 

I've found the J.Cat Beauty Fantasy Dreamland palette on one of my iHerb browsing. What caught my attention was obviously its colourful design, but also its unbelievable price. Something simply didn't add up... I remember thinking to myself: How could such a beautiful pallet with 21 eyeshadows can cost less than 12$? There must be a catch. 

Anyways, from there, the palette's way into my cart was very short. I though that if it's not that great, at least I didn't spend much on it, but on the other hand, I could be on to something here!

J cat Fantasy Dreamland eyeshadow palette review

Now let me tell you this. Once it has arrived, and I held the package in my hands and felt the eyeshadows, I was shocked! This palette feels no less good than any of the other palettes I hold in my possession. That was when I knew that this palette deserves my full attention, and I decided to spread the word.

Who are you - J.Cat Beauty?

J.Cat Beauty is a cruelty free makeup brand, based in L.A.

The Brand's moto is to create high quality makeup and sell it in affordable prices. Judging only by this palette, I think they've done a pretty good job.

J.Cat Fantasy Dreamland Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Fantasy Dreamland palette is one of the 3 palettes in the Take Me Away collection.

The 21 eyeshadows are laid in a standard cardboards packaging, which is very similar to my other makeup palettes form ABH, KKW Beauty and theBalm. It is lightweight and has a magnetic closure. Overall the package feels pretty good, and  there's nothing unusual there. 

In the package you will also find a mirror, which is not too big but just enough for seeing your both eyes when applying the eyeshadows. 

The palettes' design is very colourful and fun, and definitely taking as to that "dreamland realm" with its castles, rainbow and unicorns. The names which were chosen for the eyeshadows, such as "Day Dream", "Legend" and "Mythical" are also adding to this dreamy feeling that this palette tries to give us. 

J cat Fantasy Dreamland eyeshadow palette - Best low-cost palette?

The palette has 21 eyeshadow with a nice combination of matts and shimmers. 

We have 11 Matte eyeshadows, which are very soft, and super easy to blend, 9 foiled metallic eyeshadows with some kind of an oily base, which makes them creamy to touch, and 1 standard metallic eyeshadow. 

What I appreciate about this palette is that it holds everything that you need to create a complete everyday or evening eye look, without the necessity to use other eyeshadows from different palettes: You have your matte eyeshadow in cream shade, which is great for the brow bone; you have your light metallic eyeshadow which is perfect to highlight your inner corner; you have few transition shades, you have many beautiful metallics for your eyelid, and two darker shades to create a more smokey and dramatic look.

The top row eyeshadows are all in that foiled metallic formula, which reminds me a lot of the Makeup Geek Foiled eyeshadows. 

They are super creamy and intense. They swatch like a dream - what you see in the photos is the result of 1 swipe. However, you need to bear in mind that it is very difficult to get this payout with a standard eyeshadow brush. They need some sort of pressure when applying them to the eyelid. So I would highly recommend to apply them with a firm synthetic brush such as Sigma's F70 or E58, or simply use your fingers. 

Also, it's important to mention that because of their oily base, they tend to smudge on the lid, so before applying them, make sure to use a good eyeshadow base, such as the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

The eyeshadows "3 Wishes" and "Floating Lights" in the middle row also have the same formula. The rest of the eyeshadow on that row are all mattes. 

In the bottom row you'll find 6 more matte eyeshadows, and 1 beautiful metallic one in a very standard formula (Queen). 

J cat Fantasy Dreamland eyeshadow palette
J.Cat Fantasy Dreamland - Left side. 

J cat Fantasy Dreamland palette review
J.Cat Fantasy Dreamland - right side. 

Bottom line, this palette is a sweet surprise. Had I used it blind folded with no idea which eyeshadows I'm using, there could be no way I would have thought this palette is so cheap. I'm sure I would have guessed they are coming from a brand like ABH, Lorac or even Marc Jacobs. 

And I just love the endless options this palette gives.

J.Cat people- I'm impressed! And now I am actually really anxious to try some more of the brand's products. 

J cat Fantasy Dreamland eyeshadow palette swatches
J cat Fantasy Dreamland eyeshadow palette swatches
J cat Fantasy Dreamland eyeshadow palette swatches

I really hope that you enjoyed this post. If you tried any of the J.Cat Beauty product,  please leave a comment and share what it was and what were your thoughts! 



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