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From the diary of a makeup artist: 

Another ordinary evening... I need to get my makeup kit ready for the next day.

Sivan S. Cohen, RIVANLI Founder

I actually don't mind the washing process itself. I even find it relaxing in a way. It's just the thought of finding somewhere to put all of these makeup tools to dry that bothers me. 

I’m pretty sure that I own every drying rack in existence. I don't use them though... they are too time consuming and so many of my brushes won't fit in them anyways. There’s the ones that are too chubby, the ones that are too thin, the mini brushes, and not to mention the beauty sponges. Even when I did use these racks, I ended up drying the misfits on a towel... on our dining room table. 

As I’m washing my brushes, I started envisaging the next hour.

My kids coming home, excited to see mommy's treasures right in front of them, so reachable, so irresistible to touch. And then dinner time comes... now I need to move the towel holding my tools from the table to another location, inevitably dropping a few brushes on the way...

I keep washing and thinking…

There must be another solution. There must be a better way than this. 

I start imagining what the ideal drying rack would look like:

It's got to fit in this small area, here by the sink. It must hold ALL of my brushes, no matter what size they are, INCLUDING my makeup sponges. But how can I fit 50 brushes and 4 sponges on such a small rack? LEVELS! It needs to have levels! Trays. YES! TRAYS! It's got to have 2 or 3 trays that I can stack on top of each other!  And then I could just throw my brushes on. So quick, so EASY!  And I could move it from place to place, even putting it on top of my refrigerator if I wanted. No more brush abuse from my children!

The more I washed and the more I thought, I began to get really excited and eagerly hopped onto Google to search for the drying rack of my dreams. But guess what? I couldn't find anything like it. At first, I was disappointed, but then excitement started crawling in. If there’s nothing else like it, I thought, then I’m going to create it myself!

The next day, I was already on the phone, making calls, trying to find the right people to work with on this project. 

While developing my drying solution, I tried to think of other features I could add to make it even more efficient. That’s when the idea of the mini tray popped up.

When I received the first prototype and used the thing that I had created for the very first time, I can’t even begin to explain how exciting and surreal my feelings were. But most of all, I was blown away by how PERFECT it was! The washing process suddenly became quick and  organized thanks to the mini tray. Putting a clean brush to dry on a tray wouldn't take more than one second… so fast, so simple! This is EXACTLY how it should be!

And that, my friends, is how it all began. 

People around me always tell me that the best inventions are the ones that are born out of need. As you can probably understand by now, Rivanli Brush Drying Rack is exactly that. 

For me, it has definitely solved an annoying problem that I had. I'm sure it will do the same for you! 


Sivan S.Cohen
RIVANLI Creator and Owner