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Well, that actually depends on the diameter of your brushes. Our drying rack is wide enough to hold up to 50 eye brushes and 25 face brushes. The thinner your brushes are, the more you’ll be able to fit on there. Makes sense, doesn't it? As for sponges, the top tray can hold up to 10 wet average-size makeup sponges.

The mini tray was actually a last-minute addition that we added to improve the washing process. The tray holds your shampooed brushes and sponges until you’re ready to rinse off the soap. This little innovation will keep your washing process organized - you won't believe how an item as small as this can make such a huge difference to your washing experience! Watch our tutorial to learn more about our suggested washing process.

Drying time is really dependent on the environment and temperature of the drying area, as well as the size of the brush and the density of its fibers. Some brushes will dry in as quickly as 1 hour, while others need a whole day. Basically, the drier and warmer the room is, the quicker the drying time will be. But please do not put the drying rack under direct sunlight, as you might damage the product (and your brushes).

Please use our drying rack for what it's intended for: drying your brushes and sponges. You can also use the top tray to keep your washing mat, solid soap and brush guards. Other than that, placing heavier items on the trays could result in breakage and damage to the drying rack. We strongly recommend against using our drying solution as a makeup stand.

No, there is actually no need for a draining system. Once you have finished washing each brush, make sure you give it a really good squeeze before placing it on the rack. This way, the brushes shouldn't drip.

Sure you can! If you wish to dismantle the rack in order to store it away, you can easily detach the trays from the legs.

We recommend cleaning the rack with a wet cloth, followed by a dry soft duo-fiber cloth.


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