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The brush & sponge drying rack that has a place for everything!

Posted on November 05 2019

What really makes the RIVANLI makeup brush drying rack stand out so much from other products on the market is that our rack has a place for EVERYTHING. There isn't a makeup brush in the world that will not fit onto this rack. No matter the length, size or shape - it will find its place. And of course, we’ve thought about beauty sponges as well! In fact, we’ve designed the top tray especially for them, which can hold up to 10 at once. Correct us if we’re wrong, but we couldn't find a drying rack that combines both storage for brushes AND sponges. Now, with RIVANLI, there really is a place for everything. 

Here, see for yourself :) In the photos below, you can see how the rack works with any kind of brush: 

Rivanli drying rack for makeup brushes and sponges

See how you can lay brushes of different shapes on the open trays? Whether it’s oval, short and chubby, or long and thin - they all fit easily on the rack. No briner, no need for an extra towel or drying surface, no need to waste time trying to figure out how to arrange these brushes on your current tool. You just put them on the tray and forget about them until you need them later on. 

rivanli makeup brushes and sponges drying rack shop online

For longer brushes, it's best if the hairs are positioned beyond the rubber band for a quicker drying effect. However, it's completely fine to place the shorter brushes on the white tray surface, since we’ve incorporated a smart perforated system to encourage air circulation and allow these ones to dry too!

Rivanli how to dry makeup brushes and sponges drying rack shop online

In this photo below, you can see that our drying rack not only has a place for chubby and rounded kabuki brushes, but also for very long makeup brushes.

Rivanli Drying rack for makeup brushes

This is one of the thinnest brushes we could find. It probably wouldn’t fit on any other drying rack out there, but on the RIVANLI tray, it’s definitely found its place!

Rivanli drying rack for brushes and sponges order online

This is another pretty long brush. See how its ferrule lies on the rubber band? This prevents the brush from sliding and falling off the tray… another smart innovation.

Drying a small makeup brush on a brush drying rack with trays

This is a mini brush, the kind you often find in travel kits. Usually, it's a struggle finding a place for these types of brushes on existing drying racks, but you can easily place them on RIVNALI's tray, as shown in the photo above. If it's long enough and its end can reach the tray's step, we recommend positioning the brush's hair beyond the rubber band, like this: 

rivanli makeup brushes and sponges drying rack tool gadget

And here is the last example to demonstrate just how amazing our product is. Even the shortest brushes, such as this pink kabuki, can be left to dry with zero effort!

how to dry kabuki short makeup brushes

As mentioned above, we’ve even designed a tray for sponges to make this tool extra perfect. We’ve done this in a way that the sponges will not roll onto the ground; instead, they’ll sit safely on the tray until they are completely dry. 

The top tray also has the same perforated surface as before. This ensures that there is air circulation for a quick drying process, and also prevents mold from developing on the sponges. 

how to dry makeup sponges beauty drying rack

And there you have it: a place for all your makeup brushes and sponges. 


Enjoy your RIVANLI



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    This looks great! So smart! Just ordered one, can’t wait to receive it!

    Posted by KateX | May 05, 2020
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