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Washing and drying process for your makeup tools and accessories made fast and easy!

Are you struggling with how and where you clean and dry your makeup tools? Are you tired of those brush drying trees? If you are a professional makeup artist, starter or just a makeup lover, we have the perfect solution for you!

RIVANLI drying rack can hold up to 50 brushes and 10 wet makeup sponges at a time. It has been specially designed so that ANY brush can have its own place, no matter how long, short, fat or thin it is! Fan brushes, short Kabuki brushes, thin eyeliner brushes, you name it - it will fit!

Our drying rack is a professional makeup artists must have, it saves time, energy, and will even make your brush washing and cleaning process faster, easier and more organized. 

How long will it take for the makeup brushes to dry?

After washing your brushes, make sure to squeeze the water out of the brushes very well, and put to dry. The fluffy and smaller brushes should dry quickly, between 2-6 hours. Big and dense brushes' drying time will be longer. 


Who will enjoy our makeup brushes and sponged drying rack?

Anyone who lives and breaths makeup - from the busiest professional makeup artists to the new makeup artists and students, who are building their first starter makeup kit. Makeup ehnthusiastics, and even painters who are using brushes in their everyday work will benefit from our drying rack.  RIVANLI will be the perfect stand to hold your washed brushes to dry, and you can also use it as a brushes and other makeup tools and accessories' storage solution.

Looking for an original gift for a makeup artists and makeup lovers?

Rivanli Drying rack will be the perfect gift for anyone who loves makeup and have a nice collection of makeup brushes and sponges. Get this perfect present to someone you really love - they will thank you, guaranteed!


- US Patent No. D852446

- EU Registered Community Design No. 006577672-0001 

- Chinese patent number ZL201930276572.6

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FEATURED VIDEOS: Reviews by Jen Phelps and Tina "The Fancy Face"

Our Drying solution has some amazing features:

- 2 trays for drying brushes and a top tray for drying sponges. 

- Can hold up to 50 brushes* and 10 wet makeup sponges. 

- The dimensions of the brush don't matter - it will fit! 

- Very easy to use. Simply lay your brushes on the tray – a no-brainer! 

- Saves time and effort.

- Small step on the tray creates an angle so that brushes can dry without water damaging the ferrule. 

- Rubber band prevents brushes from sliding.

- Top tray designed to hold sponges and prevent them from rolling and falling.  

- We have also added a unique mini tray to hold your brushes during the washing process. 

- Easy to install and uninstall. 

- Put it anywhere and keep your brushes safe from the reach of pets and children. 

- Small tools collection? You can use just two of the trays by connecting the top and the bottom tray, creating a two-story rack. 

*50 eye brushes, 25 face brushes, and somewhere in between when drying brushes of different sizes and shapes. 

Watch a short video tutorial here. 

Drying makeup brushes: 

Use the pink mini tray, which will help you save time and make the whole process much more efficient!

During the shampooing process: After shampooing each brush, place it on the tray while you finish shampooing all of the other brushes. Simply stack them on the tray and feel how organized and easy this process has just become. 

After you have finished shampooing all of the brushes, wash the soap out of each one. Be sure to squeeze every brush well before placing it on the tray. This will prevent water from dripping. 

When placing the brush on the tray, make sure that you position the far part of the handle on the step at the back of the tray, and the brush's head on and beyond the rubber band. 

Short brushes won't reach the rubber band, but that's OK! Just place them in the same way, but with the brush head on the tray itself. The tray is perforated with holes to keep the air flowing, allowing your brushes to dry quickly and easily. Just make sure that you leave them facing down at an angle!

Drying makeup sponges:

After washing the soap out of your sponges, squeeze the water out of them very well before placing them on the top tray. This will prevent water from dripping.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Nicole Manzano
Brush Rack

I absolutely LOVE IT. My brushes are more organized after cleaning them and NOT laying out on a towel and all over and in the way.

Yes! Exactly! Thanks so much for your feedback! ❤️

LeAnn Brown


Beth Anto
Great design for all my brushes!

I have another brush drying rack. The problem is it doesn’t hold ALL my brushes. This one does and my sponges !!! Love the design. So glad I purchased it

Thanks for your kind review Beth! So happy to hear that you enjoy the rack :)

Best Brush Drying System in the World!

Like most mua's, I struggled with drying all the brushes I use everyday. Those standing plate style ones are never strong enough [I've broken 1 already this year and it's only January], and it's often frustrating having to use several because of the limited sizing. This drying system has changed everything. I don't know how many brushes it actually fits because I cleaned 3 weeks worth of brushes and still could have fit more. It fits brushes of every size and length, the silicon edging means your brushes to move or slip off, snd the removable tray at the top meant I could also dry sponges and beauty blenders on top, without them rolling, and I could just lift that out for easy cleaning underneath. Because of the angle they dry at there was no need for drying covers. I could not be happier with this drying rack, and Sivan is absolutely amazing. If they don't have your country listed for shipping, just use the chat function and get in touch. Sivan could not have made the process easier, with very reasonable shipping prices.I won't every ned to purchase another drying rack again [although I may purchase another one of these so that there is no need to wash brushes weekly]. The only word I have for it is BRILLIANT!

Exactly what I was looking for

I had been using the drying and shaping towers from Sigma and finding the right spot for every brush was making the process take far too long, but due to limited counter space I couldn’t just lay the brushes out. These racks work perfectly and I was surprised at how quickly my brushes dried! Even my large powder brushes. I just use the netting things for shaping.
I ordered two and the only thing that would have made it better is if there was a way to stack the 2 together, but I’m still very happy I purchased them!

Thanks so much for your review Sherri!!!
You can actually connect a forth tray between the top and the middle trays :) I wouldn't suggest stacking more than that. I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying your racks :D Thanks again!