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5 Tips to make your makeup brushes last longer

Posted on June 18 2020

For us, beauty lovers, there's nothing more exciting than opening a new makeup box, isn't it? Many us invest in our makeup, we are drawn by the colours, textures and fancy packaging, and if we have the OK from our favourite beauty influencer, we might buy a product even if the price doesn't make any sense. 

It seems as though makeup brushes don't get as much of attention, and that's a shame. Think about it foe a second... Good makeup application doesn't always depends on the makeup product itself. Sometimes, if you don't have the right tools, your makeup application can really suck. 

Sometimes it's funny to see how people invest so much in their makeup collections, while their brushes stay dirty and neglected.

Trust us - if you want a beautiful makeup application, you need to take care of your makeup brushes! 

In this post we gathered 5 amazing and easy tips to help you keep your makeup brushes in a good shape for years. Follow these steps, and you won't need to invest so much in purchasing new brushes over and over again. 

5 Tips to make your makeup brushes last longer 

How to make brushes last longer - Tip number 1:
Invest in high quality brushes

If you want a brush to last you for years, you need to invest in it in the first place. You can't expect cheap brushes to last you forever.

To manufacture a cheap brush companies will use cheap materials: They will use cheap glue (causing the brush to easily break, and the fibres to shed); cheap metal ferrule (might grow corrosion in the right conditions); cheap handles (might break and easily scratch); and cheap fibres (can often give you  a horrible makeup application). 

Instead of buying new brushes over and over again, invest one time in high quality professional makeup brushes. They will last you longer, and even better than that - they will give you better makeup results with less effort! 

Today, many brands will deliver high quality makeup brushes. Sigma Beauty for example, is a company which offers amazing brushes, at affordable prices. 

How to make brushes last longer - Tip number 2:
Clean your brushes on a regular basis 

We probably can't stress this enough - if you want your makeup brushes to last you longer, you MUST CLEAN THEM on a regular basis- once a week will do.  

Your makeup brushes catch dust and makeup buildups, which in time, and with the right environmental conditions, will grow bacteria. Now try to imagine what will happen once that contaminated brush will touch your or your customer's skin. Don't care about your skin? Well, what if we told you, that by using a dirty brush to pack your favourite makeup product, you are actually contaminating the product too!

Also, dirty makeup brushes are harder to work with. They are not as soft as they should be, and won't give you the same beautiful application they were intended to.

Here are some tips for cleaning your makeup brushes properly:

1. Between usages on the same customer, and between wash to wash, use an antibacterial cleaning spray. Spray the brush and swirl gently on a soft cloth until there's no more color coming out of the brush.  There are many brushes sprays in the market. We really like the Daily Brush Cleaner from E.L.F. 

2. Wash your brushes once a week. While washing the brushes, always make sure they face downwards, to avoid water from penetrating the ferrule. 

3. When you are done washing a brush give it a good squeeze - this will help to keep its shape and make it dry faster. 

4. Place the brushes to dry in a dry enviorment. Use a drying rack instead of a towel. This will help the brushes dry faster, and will be more organised.

RIVANLI brush drying rack will be an exellent choice - It donen't only look elegant, it is probably the most simple to use drying rack in the market. It has a lot of space to hold brushes in any shape and length, it has a place for beauty sponges as well, and it also has an extra tray which holds your shampooed brushes during the washing process. With 360 degrees of airflow, This drying rack will make your brushes dry faster than if you would placed them on a towel. 

 Best Makeup brush drying rack - RIVANLI

How to make brushes last longer - Tip number 3: 
Don't be aggressive with your brushes

When doing your makeup, your customer's makeup, and while cleaning your brushes, be gentle with them! 

Not only it's much more pleasant for the skin to feel the caressing touch of a fluffy makeup brush, this will help you keep the brush in its original shape, and won't cause shedding of fibers.


How to make brushes last longer - Tip number 4: 
Use brushes guards

You know how makeup brushes tened to loose their shape after usage? There is a simple way to fix that! In order to keep the shape of a brush, after washing and squeezing the fibres, use brush guards! These elastic nets will slide easily on your brush, they will gather all the fibres tightly, and will allow them to dry to their original shape. 

These nets are super cheap, and you can find tons of them on sites like aliexpress and eBay

how to make makeup brushes last longer - brush guards 

How to make brushes last longer - Tip number 5: 
Never leave your brushes in humid areas or near heat sources

Brushes are sensitive to environmental changes - you need to know and remember that. 

If you put your brushes to dry under the sun - its glue will melt, which will cause breakage and fibers shedding. The same will happen if you place the brushes near any heat source. 

If you place your brushes in a humid environment, such as the bathroom, with time, the brush will grow bacteria and mold.

Just make sure to store your brushes in a dry room, and you are good. 


There were all the tips we have for how to make your makeup brushes last longer. 

Which ones are you already doing, and which ones are you going to start implementing from now on?




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