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Why drying makeup brushes on a towel is not the best idea

Posted on May 17 2020

Washing our makeup brushes and sponges is super important. We must do it as often as we can, especially if we are doing other people makeup for living. 

Drying our makeup tools can also have an impact on the process: where we put them to dry, and how we are drying them is something that we need to take in consideration, if we want to complete this process with the best results, and not cause damages to our precious tools. 

So now that you are done washing your makeup brushes, you need a place to put them all to dry. Most of us spread a towel on the counter or on a table, and just lay the brushes and sponges on it to dry. Some of us have brush drying racks or drying trees of deferent types. They are really great to have, but in the end, we usually find ourselves, again, with spreading a towel-  to dry our sponges, and the brushes that couldn't fit into our drying tree. Does this sound familiar to you?


The problem with drying makeup brushes on a towel

Putting brushes on towels to dry is the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to do it, but it's got some disadvantages you might want to take in confederation before you spread a towel again:

  • First of all,  towels take over our counters and tables- places which we defiantly need clean and available to work and dine. Trying to move the towels from place to place will most likely end up with few brushes on the floor.

  • Towels absorb water. Once you place wet brushes on a towel, it gets moist. This means that your brushes are dried on a wet surface - which can cause bacteria and mold buildup, and the formation of bad smells. This also means that in order to get your brushes dry, the towel needs to get dried too - and this only makes the drying process longer.  

  • With a towel you don't have a 360 degrees air circulation- this means that the brushes will take longer to dry. 

  • And finally, let's face it: It just doesn't look good. 

Why RIVANLI is it better for drying your makeup brushes?

The RIVANLI brush drying rack was designed to solve all of these issues, with still keeping the ease and comfort of using a towel: 

Rivanli Brush Drying rack - the most comfortable way to wash and dry makeup brushes and sponges

  • You can put RIVANLI anywhere, and move it easily from place to place. The rubber band at the front of the tray, and the closed top tray, will prevent the brushes and sponges from sliding and falling. 

  • Plastic trays do not absorb water. The brushes are drying with their fibres beyond the rubber band, which means that they have airflow all around them. The sponges are dried on a tray with a special grid which allows air to circulate them as well, which means: no bacteria and mols buildups, no bad smells, and fast drying. 

  • We tried our best to give our RIVANLI brush drying rack an elegant design, which will look good and complement any surrounding. Much better than a towel, don't you think?

RIVANLI drying rack for makeup brushes and sponges



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